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Digitizing Your Enterprise
Business Operations

Ospyn's DEEP is envisioned as a digital transformation platform for organizations that run in paper-based processes. DEEP helps in digitizing every customer touch-point, thereby improving the overall customer experience. It improves operational efficiency by digitally transforming your enterprise by converting all your operations and processes to meet the next-gen requirement of digital businesses.

Digital Enablement & Experience Platform

The functional layers of DEEP

Information Enablement Layer

Helps enterprises to transform paper-based processes and automate internal operations into truly digitized operations. Unstructured and semi-structured data types like paper documents, web-forms, emails, social data, etc. are digitized, processed and mapped effectively with the structured data available within enterprise applications and systems. The resultant data is analysed to deliver insights for informed decision making. This layer will act as the cornerstone for your next big leap towards Big Data Dreams.

Customer Experience Layer

Provides your end-consumers-customers and employees - a next-generation, digital touchpoint for communications with your enterprise. Customer experience layer will help all the users to do business transactions at their convenience from anywhere on any device at anytime using the mobile application or web application. The payment portal or application portal developed based on our user experience will be the key factor in retaining customers and building brand loyalty.

Our platform has been implemented across industries like Banking,
Transportation, Government, Legal, Manufacturing, etc. enabling new customer experiences,
improving citizen services, and delivering better and faster judicial infrastrucure in addition to
reducing costs and increasing productivity of our clients' workforces.

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