Enterprise Document
Management System

Digitized Documents . Informative Data . Smart Decisions

Transform your paper based business processes with digital document processing and collaboration


Digitally capture, store, manage and archive documents


Create and organize your folders and files online intuitively anytime, anywhere using any device.


Secure your document and folder with access permissions thereby protecting confidential information.


Create linked or connected documents, view and collaborate with your colleagues using automated or manual document workflows


Retrieve even linked documents anytime using our efficient easy to use keyword search


Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements with document disposal rules


Keep track of your physical documents with digital identifiers


Access your documents offline and edit them using your favorite desktop editors and sync seamlessly with online app


Sync all your documents to office machine while accessing from office and use the online version while you are away from office.

  • Enhance image quality by removing noise, lines, blank pages etc.

  • Optimize document quality using image crop, rotate etc.

  • Configure relevant metadata along with the document

  • Schedule document upload to DMS

  • Manage entire life-cycle of a document from creation till disposal

  • Upload any document like images, PDFs, word documents, ppts, excel sheets, videos & audios to folders with access permission

  • Document or folder specific permissions to stop unauthorised data access and control.

  • Index, classify and add tags to documents for easy access and retrieval

  • Share documents with users in permissible departments and locations

  • Link multiple documents and process these connected documents together and track status at any point of time

  • Move documents between users with or without automated routing workflow

  • Annotate, mask, stamp on documents to indicate views, hide access, and show interim approvals respectively while document collaboration

  • Streamline end to end approval process of a file from creation till approval

  • Automatically route relevant files and documents to right people using workflow

  • Empowers business team to create complex conditional workflows without the help of IT team using user centric GUI

  • Automate routine tasks using workflow and get real time notifications, status, due date, audit trail for every action

  • Unique record identifiers for each document to track document category, relationships, specific location in a physical store, etc. to easily access any point of time

  • Strict user controls and permissions for access and modification of a record

  • Intact audit trails to understand the actions happened on the record

  • Easily manage policies and rules defined on the record using click of a button

  • Google like search to locate and retrieve files based on access rights

  • Search documents based on document meta-data, tags and content

  • Advanced filter option to narrow down your results on any specific category

  • Create search preference list from search lists and even search documents in specific work-flows

  • Audit trail of user actions

  • Quick view on specific customer information

  • Centralized document repository

  • Document auditing, checklist and version control