Enterprise Resource Planning

digitized data. streamlined process. smart operations

Take your digital steps in automating operations and optimizing business operations


Provides consolidated visibility into data around customers, inventories, partners, payments, taxes, invoices etc.


Streamlines the entire activities from order management till accounting


Delivers complete control over your quotes and invoices by automating end to end sales processes, manage discounts, volume discounts, multiple price lists and manage commission sales


Provides comprehensive visibility around account payables, account receivables, budgeting, general ledger, reports, etc.


Provides insights into financial performance, supply chains, inventory cycles, and trading processes


Generates visibility across your warehouses in multiple geographies

  • Generate purchase enquiry to identify the right vendor and release purchase quotation for all the selected vendors

  • Compare all your quotation and create purchase order for the selected vendor and schedule it

  • Connect all receipts to purchase orders for easy reference

  • Generate end to end report about products, receipts, purchase orders, vendors, etc.

  • Track the available level of stock, raw materials, work in progress and finished goods in the warehouse

  • Get instant notification on raw material requirements and other stock related informations

  • Manage inventory requirements and material movements across departments

  • Generate reports around inventory, goods movements, location, ageing, stock in hand, item group, sales return, purchase return etc.

  • Create sales quotations, sales order, sales invoices, etc.

  • Integrate with other applications to send and receive data for further processing

  • Mange credit note, commercial invoice, automatic inventory updates, bulk invoicing etc.

  • Generate reports about sales order, partial sales order, sales register, invoice, good shipment etc.

  • Define organization specific chart of accounts and general ledger

  • Manage day book, journal entry posting, balance sheet, profit & loss statement, trial balance reports, account payables, account receivables, budgeting, general ledger, cash register

  • Track payments such as payment In and Payment out for different stages like Payment made/Received, Deposited/Withdrawn, Payment cleared, etc.

  • Generate balance sheet, cash flow projections, asset depreciation, tax reports etc.

  • Manage work centres, machines, product BOM, operators, product drawing etc.

  • Define production routing and operation methodology

  • Manage work orders

  • Generate reports around work in progress, raw material utilization, quality analysis

  • Create new projects and manage phases and sub phases

  • Manage resources, time and task

  • Manage progress tracker, profitability analysis, invoicing

  • Generate reports around expense time, resource, efficiency reports, tasks etc.