Human Resource Application

digitized data . streamlined process . engaged workforce

Paperless human resource management processing


Automate all your HR operations like leave, payroll, asset, loan, recruitment, performance, time-sheet, attendance, expense and travel management


Self-service portal for employees to track and manage their personal and work-related information


Get real-time information of requests, approvals, news, reminders and events via portal, SMS or e-mail


Generate on-demand reports for various manpower analysis


Notify and alert employees and management on specific organization events via Email or SMS


Tracking the employee activities from anytime anywhere


Access all the employee details from the centralized system any time, anywhere on any device

  • Maintain employee information like personal details, education details, work experience etc.

  • Search and quick identify employee information based on different criteria such as name, country, active or terminated status etc.

  • Set up organization and reporting hierarchy, dotted relationships for employees

  • Handle entire employee life cycle processes and check lists ranging from on-boarding to off-boarding

  • Maintain resume database and applicant history for easy assessment

  • Publish job openings and associate applicants to job openings

  • Search candidates and schedule interviews for applicants

  • Manage interview results, assessment sheets and make job offers and send notifications

  • Define various payroll profile, salary components and setup specific salary structure as per your organization requirements

  • Automate or schedule payroll processing for selected employees or all employees in a given office

  • Track salary payments, salary statements and generate individual employee using multiple criteria

  • Generate payroll reports across employee, department, month etc. according to basic, house allowance, travel allowance

  • Manage assets like hardware & software allocated to employees and monitored efficiently

  • Set up work flows to automate asset requests, procurement, allotment and approval of asset requests

  • Generate reports of all the available assets

  • Configure notifications and alerts based on multiple scenarios

  • Manage employee loan requests

  • Approve loan request and grant loans to your employees

  • Set up EMI schedule, loan exclusion period, maximum and minimum no. of EMIs etc.and automate EMI calculations, deductions from payroll

  • Generate loan EMI statements and other reports

  • Configure performance goals and assign to selected employees

  • Create and review goal plans

  • Setup employee appraisal process and use default appraisal templates

  • Manage entire appraisal process like self-appraisals by the employee, manager appraisals, review and sign off

  • Create various leave types, profiles and assign it to employees or to groups of employees

  • Configure various leave rules and properties like leave period, carry forward, accruals and leave surrender

  • Manage and generate leave approval workflow and automatically route to the superiors for approval or rejection

  • Configure leave calendar, reports, holidays and weekly off days and trigger notifications and alerts

  • Automate attendance by integrating biometric devices and record time in and time out

  • Arrive at attendance, overtime (OT), worked hours etc. instantly for employee efficiency

  • Manage employee shift schedules, attendance reports, attendance analysis etc. via intuitive user interface

  • Configure organization specific rules to handle punch in or punch out missing, overtime calculations etc.

  • Define project details and assign employees to projects

  • Assign tasks to employees and record time against specific projects, activities and tasks in a timesheet

  • Automate timesheet routing and approvals

  • Generate timesheet reports by month, date range, approval status or employees etc.

  • Define various training courses and link it with job roles, employees and trainers

  • Self-help portal for employees to request training

  • Manage training schedule and training calendar

  • Manage training records /reports

  • Self-help portal for employees to make expense requests

  • Manage expense request approval workflow

  • Handle advance expense payment requests

  • Generate expense reports by month, date range, approval status

  • Self-help portal for employees to make travel requests

  • Manage travel request approval workflows

  • Handle advance travel payment requests and expense reimbursement

  • Generate travel reports by month, date range, approval status